Clive King contemporary drawings


“Drawings, with their ability to invest art with psychological content and human vulnerability, can be invaluable barometers that register changing tastes in art, politics and society. King’s superb, deeply felt, and earthy, major drawings – with their aspects of semi-autobiography and metaphysical journey – are no exception.

They also have much that is positive to say about changing attitudes towards drawing as an independent medium.”

Victoria Donohue  The Philadelphia Enquirer



“Characteristically huge – King wants to overwhelm your visual sense – the drawings are also madly crammed with coded references. These inventive hieroglyphics are as obvious as a pair of broken eyeglasses or as enigmatic as spiky forms that might be animal, vegetable and/or mineral in origin.

Though we don’t know all the stories, there is a line of autobiography behind every one”

Helen L Kohen        The Miami Herald


“ - His images have a mysterious resonance in spite of their very physical presence. King’s confrontation with the drawing, his direct technique, results in a dynamic, physical immediacy that is conveyed in the finished work.  The chaotic images and the odd juxtapositions are the means to a powerful statement not only on his personal emotions but also on the human condition in general”

“Drawing  A contemporary Approach” (Fifth edition)

Teel Sale / Claudia Betti


With his monumental drawings, King has succeeded in producing images which embrace visual metaphors for the ineffable without relinquishing the intimacy inherent in the medium………….

………….then finally, and perhaps most importantly in terms of our direct engagement with these drawings, it is possible to respond to their graphic virtuosity and sheer intensity without worrying about their literal interpretation at all, surrendering to the almost intoxicating energy which they exude.

Excerpted from a catalogue article by David Briers

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Swansea, Wales